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“Water Day” Commemorative Event was held!

◉Date: Sunday, August 1, 2021

◉Place: Hotel Nikko Kumamoto 

◉Contents: Stage event

  • Part 1) Certificate Awarding ceremony to honor of Groundwater Conservation – postponed due to the outbreak of COVID-19
  • Part 2) MUJI’s ESG Initiatives – Live Streamed
  • Part 3) Panel discussion on the theme “Agriculture and Groundwater” – Live Streamed

・Coordinator: Mr. Naoki Mizuno (Study Life Kumamoto)

・Advisor: Ms. Kazuko Osumi (Representative of Water and Green Working Group)


  Mr. Tadakatsu Ohtaguro (Chairman, Network for Nurturing Rich Groundwater)

  Ms. Misuzu Shimoda (President, Tansei Kobo, took root on Tsujunkyo Bridge)

  Mr. Tiharu Matsumoto (Representative of Hyakusyoya Matsumoto)


We held the 1 year to go event of the 4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit !

◉Date: Saturday, April 24, 2021 (Reiwa 3)  

◉Place: KUMAMOTO-JO HALL 2F Civic hall (3-40, Sakuramachi, Chuo-ku)

Part 1 )Keynote Speech

Lecturer :Dr.Taikan Oki (Professor,University of Tokyo)

        title : “world water, water of kumamoto”

Part 2) panel discussion

・Coordinator : Tsugihiro Watanabe  (Specially Appointed Professor , Kumamoto University)

・Panelist : Taikan Oki (Professor,University of Tokyo)

・Panelists : high school students (Kumamoto Prefectural Daini High School, Kumamoto Prefectural Kumamoto kita High School, SHOKEI GAKUEN Senior high school, Kumamoto Municipal Hitsuyukan Senior High School)

・Panelist : Kazufumi Onishi (Mayor of Kumamotocity)


A Decorated Kumamoto City Tram, a low-floor tram, is currently in operation!

As one of the ways to promote the “4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit” to be held on April 23 and 24, 2022, and to boost the momentum across Kumamoto City, we are operating the city tram decorated with the 4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit branding!



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