7th World Water Forum, Daegu & Gyeongbuk, Republic of Korea 2015

Final Report: Asia-Pacific Regional Process
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Asia-Pacific Regional Process for the 7th Word Water Forum

6th World Water Forum, Marseille, France 2012

Synthesis Report of the Asia-Pacific Regional Process
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Asia-Pacific Synthesis and Commitment Session at the 6th World Water Forum

5th World Water Forum, Istanbul, Turkey 2009

Asia-Pacific Regional Document
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Summary of Chair Concluding Statement at the Asia-Pacific Session on the “Ministers for Water Security Initiative in the Asia-Pacific Region”
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Ministers for Water Security Initiative in the Asia-Pacific Region
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4th World Water Forum, Mexico City, Mexico 2006

Asia-Pacific Regional Document of the 4th World Water Forum
Part1 Asia-Pacific Regional Synthesis< br />
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Part2 Sub-regional Position Papers
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Asia-Pacific Water Ministerial Meeting / Asia-Pacific Day at the 4th World Water Forum

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