11th APWF Webinar: Groundwater: Making the Invisible Visible

Date: 2021-5-26

Date & Time
30th June 2021, 4:30PM-5:30PM (Japan Time) / 1:00PM-2:00PM (India Time)

The Speaker of the 11th APWF Webinar
Aditi Mukherji, Principal Researcher,IWMI New Delhi
Amrtha Kasturirangan, Senior Manager, Arghyam

Groundwater: Making the Invisible Visible

11th APWF Webinar_Flyer

This webinar will discuss the pathways toward sustainable, inclusive, and resilient groundwater management in Asia and the Pacific. It will primarily look at India’s national policies and practices at community levels, considering India is the world’s largest user of groundwater. Groundwater depletion in India results from water, energy, and food policies that have given rise to a nexus where growth in agriculture has been supported by unsustainable water and energy use trends. The most extensive groundwater management programs of the Indian Government show great promise on how scale and quality can co-exist in community-led programs for water. Different states in India have adopted different ways of managing this nexus. The practical cases of the community will share the experience of embedding fundamental scale principles using technology and some emerging insights for the Asia Pacific leadership on re-imagined operating models. This webinar will then discuss how to enhance political will to tackle the wicked problem of water-energy-food nexus from groundwater conservation and the optimal uses.

Presentation Materials
1_11th APWF Webinar Presentation_Aditi Mukherji

2_11th APWF Webinar Preesntation_Amrtha Kasturi Rangan