11th Governing Council Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Water Forum

Date: 2012-10-3


Date&Time Thursday, 5 July 2012, 10:00-16:30
Venue Learning Oasis Room, PUB WaterHub, Singapore Address: 80 & 82 Toh Guan Road East
Organizer Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF)
Participants President of the AWPF, Chair and Vice-chairs of the APWF Governing Council, Representatives of the APWF lead organizations and sub-regional coordinators, APWF members, National Science Museum of Thailand, The Energy and Resources Institute, Mongolian Water Agency, others
(30 people)

II. Agenda

Chair: Prof. Tommy Koh, Chair of the APWF Governing Council

10:00-16:30 1. Chairmanship of the Meeting
2. Welcome Remarks by the President of the APWF
3. Adoption of the agenda
4. Update on the 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit: APWF Secretariat
5. Asian Development Bank’s support for the APWF: ADB(84KB)
6. Report on the 6th World Water Forum
(1) Session report by target coordinators (5~10 minutes/ target)
(a) Household Water Security: Target 1.1 by ESCAP(292KB)
(b) Economic, Food and Water Security:
– Target 2.1 by FAO & ESCAP (364KB)
– Target 2.2 by UN Habitat (284KB)
(c) Urban Water Security: Target 3.1 by UN Habitat (160KB)
(d) IWRM Process for a Water Secure World: Target 5.1 by KWF (296KB)
(2) Asia-Pacific Regional Synthesis and Commitment Session report: APWF Secretariat(452KB)
(3) Any other session and event report may be presented under this item.
7. The 7th World Water Forum in Korea in 2015: KWF (3.83MB)
8. Follow up of the APWF concrete initiatives
(1) Establishment of Asia-Pacific Water Museum: National Science Museum of Thailand(2.50MB)
(2) ADB’s recent activities and APWF video production: ADB(168KB)
(3) APWF Knowledge Hubs Secretariat Services: TERI(2.98MB)
(4) APWF Knowledge Hub for Sanitation: JWF (636KB)
(5) Singapore International Water Week : PUB Singapore

9. Other matters
10. Closing of the session

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