The 1st Meeting of the Asia Pacific Water Forum Governing Council

Date: 2007-2-21

21-22 February 2007 in Singapore

» Highlights of 1st Governing Council Meeting

The 1st Governing Council meeting will be held on 21-22 February 2007 in Singapore. All lead organizations of the three priority themes and the five key result areas, the five sub-regional coordinators and any interested member may attend the meetings.
Any interested agencies are very welcomed to participate in this meeting, as well as to make any substantial / financial contribution to the activities of APWF. Please contact us.

Proposed Agenda for the 1st Meeting the Asia Pacific Water Forum Governing Council

1. Chairmanship of the Meeting
The meeting shall be chaired by Chairman of the Governing Council of APWF, Prof. Tommy Koh.

21 February
10:00 – 12:30

2. Adoption of the agenda
The provisional agenda of the meeting will be considered for adoption.

3. Concept Notes on Priority Themes and Key Result Areas (KRAs)
The concept notes outlining the progress made under each Priority Theme and KRA shall be presented by the lead organizations (no more than 20 min each, including discussion).

» Theme A & KRA3 / Theme B / Theme C / KRA 1 / KRA 2 / KRA 4

(Lunch Break)

14:00 – 17:00
(Continued discussion on Concept Notes)

4. Concept Paper of Asia-Pacific Water Summit
The discussion shall focus on how to organize and present the input from activities of the APWF to the 1st Asia-Pacific Water Summit (to be held in 3-4 December, 2007, in Oita, Japan).

» Themes & Summit

22 February
10:00 – 12:30

5. Rules and procedures of the Asia-Pacific Water Forum
The agreed rules and procedures are to be confirmed by the participants and adopted by consensus.

6. Other matters
Any topic of relevance to the APWF may be raised under this item (Time permitting).

» Central Asia & Caucasus

7. Closing of the session