20th Governing Council Meeting of the APWF

Date: 2017-2-13

On January 18th, The Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF), for which JWF serves as secretariat, organized the 20th Governing Council Meeting with support from Singapore PUB . The meeting was chaired by Mr. Ravi Narayanan, Ms. Changhua Wu, and Prof. Simon Tay in their capacities as Chair and Vice-Chairs of the Governing Council of the APWF. The meeting was attended by the total of 23 members from 17 organizations. In addition, another four organizations joined the discussion through video conferencing.

APWF 20th GC Meeting

The objectives of the APWF 20th Governing Council were:

  • ・To share information about the host country of the 3rd Asia-Pacific Water Summit (APWS) and obtain consensus about the appropriateness as the host country
  • ・To discuss the APWF’s thematic priority issues and select thematic leaders, based on the fact that the APWF had been designated as regional coordinator for the Asia-Pacific Regional Process in preparation for the 8th World Water Forum, to be held at the end of March, 2018.

In addition, the information on other relevant events was shared by three APWF Partner Organizations in order to discuss how they could potentially be reflected upon the 3rd APWS and 8th World Water Forum.

As the result of the discussions, a consensus was reached on the following points:

1. Host country for the 3rd APWS

The members of APWF reached the consensus that we would welcome a final candidate country. (The APWF secretariat will release the name of the final candidate country after its internal procedures complete.) A summit schedule will be made which suits the convenience of the host country. Member also agreed that we will organize the events effectively without duplicating the other international conference by sharing information and identifying schedules about relevant international conference.

The APWF will create a thematic framework for the 3rd APWS according to the priority themes of the host country and the key words of the Regional Process of the 8th World Water Forum. The APWF will also share information on common water problems in sub-regions and present policy recommendations and concrete measures for the solution of these problems by combining scientific and practical approaches.

2. Asia-Pacific Regional Process for the 8th World Water Forum

APWF was nominated as a regional coordinator of Asia-Pacific for the regional process of the 8thWorld Water Forum by collaborating with its partner organizations. The sub-regional coordinators were therefore selected in accordance with the APWF framework, namely:

  • ・Central Asia: Global Water Partnership (GWP) Central Asia and Caucasus
  • ・Southeast Asia: GWP Southeast Asia
  • ・South Asia: GWP South Asia
  • ・Northeast Asia: Korea Water Forum
  • ・Oceania and Pacific Islands: Pacific Community

a) Thematic Contexts

  • ・The member confirmed that regional process is a milestone for the 3rd APWS.
  • ・Theme leaders of regional process were nominated after each APWF partner organizations shared their willingness to lead and/or contribute to the regional process, in accordance with the six main themes (Climate, People, Development, Urban, Ecosystems, Finance), and three cross-cutting issues (Sharing, Capacity, and Governance), which were proposed from the Thematic and Regional Process Commissions of the 8th World Water Forum. We also agreed to nominate theme co-leaders.
  • ・The member confirmed that thematic discussion of regional process would be based on the outcomes of the regional process of the 7th World Water Forum.
  • ・“Technologies for innovation and solution” will be addressed as a cross-cutting theme, and it is important to address the theme for both developed and developing countries. “Science and Technologies” should be highlighted as a priority to offer innovative solution.
  • ・“Capacity building” should be examined more specifically reflecting the priority given by our region and sub-region.
  • ・“Gender” issues should be addressed .
  • ・APWF secretariat will develop and share templates for the concept notes and position papers, which will be used by all theme leaders.

b) Sub-regional contexts

  • ・Sub-regional coordinators are expected to gather, bring the case studies, and examine whether Knowledge shared by thematic discussion is appropriate on the ground of each sub-regional contexts. They will also select the best stories/practices and worst challenges.
  • ・We would also keep paying a special attention to the water security challenges Pacific Island countries are facing.
  • ・Importance to show leap-frogging ways for achieving sustainable development and offering solutions in line with the sub-regional context.

In conclusion, JWF, as APWF Secretariat, will make its best effort towards the success of the 3rdAPWS together with the host country and the APWF partner organizations. In addition, as Asia-Pacific Regional Process coordinator for the 8th World Water Forum, JWF will collaborate with APWF partner organizations to present concrete policy options and comprehensive recommendations for the solution of water issues in the Asia and Pacific region.

For more details of the 20th APWF Governing Council meeting, please contact: office[at]apwf.org

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1. Outline

Date 9:30 – 16:30, 18th January, 2017
Venue Singapore PUB WaterHub

2. Agenda

9:30-9:40 Greetings

  • ・Mr. Ravi Narayanan (GC Chair of Asia-Pacific Water Forum)
  • ・Ms. Changhua Wu (Vice GC Chair of Asia-Pacific Water Forum)
  • ・Prof. Simon Tay (Vice GC Chair of Asia-Pacific Water Forum)Introduction
9:40-9:45 Adoption of the Agenda
9:45–10:45 Selection of Host country for 3rd APWS
10:45-11:00 Break
11:00-12:30 Thematic Framework for 3rd APWS & Regional Process of 8th World Water Forum

  • ・Introduction of the regional processes for the 8th World Water Forum
  • ・Exchange of ideas with the participants
  • ・Selection of the thematic leaders
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:30 Overall Discussion and Feedback for Thematic Context
14:30-15:10 Overall Discussion and Feedback for Sub-regional Context
15:10-15:25 Break
15:25–16:00 ・Share the other relevant events from the APWF Partner Organizations ・Q&A
16:00-16:30 Wrap-up

By Yumiko Asayama, Manager, Secretariat of the APWF