APWF 30th Governing Council Meeting

Date: 2024-7-5

The 10th World Water Forum will primarily center around a thematic, regional, and political process. The Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF), with the Japan Water Forum as its secretariat, has been officially designated to coordinate the “Asia-Pacific Regional Process” along with the Asia Water Council (AWC – Secretariat: K-Water).

During the opening ceremony of the 2nd Stakeholders Consultation Meeting (SCM) of the 10th World Water Forum on 12th – 13th October 2023, the World Water Council (WWC), the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (the co-host organization), the APWF, and AWC signed a Letter of Intent to support the organization of the 10th World Water Forum. Ms. Changhua Wu, Interim Chair of the APWF Governing Council (Vice Chair since 2013), signed the letter on behalf of APWF.

The Asia-Pacific Regional Process

The Asia-Pacific Regional Process will be divided into five sub-regions: Northeast, Southeast, South Asia, Central Asia & the Caucasus, and Oceania & the Pacific Islands. To ensure cohesive multi-stakeholder discussions, the Asia-Pacific Regional Process has established the 10-topic framework aligned with the six sub-themes and topics of the thematic process for the 10th World Water Forum. Each sub-region will prioritize and discuss specific issues, present breakthroughs, and share best practices to address challenges and enhance effective water management practices tailored to local and cultural contexts.

Before the 2nd SCM, the APWF Secretariat held the APWF 30th Governing Council Meeting on 6th October 2023. The APWF Secretariat prepared and presented the Concept Note for the Asia-Pacific Regional Process and the 10 Topics proposal of the Asia-Pacific Regional Process. We then received some feedback from the APWF Members. The AWC Secretariat and the AWC members also agreed on the concept note and the 10 topic proposals, in addition to the consensus from the APWF members.

At the 2nd SCM, participants in each of the five sub-regions discussed priority issues for each sub-region, topics for further discussion as the synthesis of the Asia-Pacific regional process, and topics for discussion through the inter-regional process of the World.

A summary of the day’s discussions is available at the provided link.



We will now prepare for the 10th World Water Forum in May 2024, incorporating insights and discussions from the 2nd SCM to ensure a successful event.

(Reported by Yumiko Asayama, Chief Manager, JWF (Secretariat of the APWF))