Rest in peace, our dear friend and colleague Mark Pascoe

Date: 2022-8-19

Saddened and heartbroken, we mourn the sudden passing and loss of Mr. Mark Pascoe, our beloved new and now late Chair of the Governing Council of Asia Pacific Water Forum (APWF). On behalf of our entire members of APWF, please accept our deepest sympathies to Mark’s family. We deeply share your loss and grief.

He will be sorely missed as a leading figure in the global water community. Mark will be remembered dearly in our community and remembered by people he has mentored, guided, helped, and supported.

As a long-time member of the APWF, Mark has always provided valuable and practical feedback based on his 40-year distinguished career. He also took a lead role in preparing the Asian Water Development Outlook 2016 and 2020, published by the Asian Development Bank, by coordinating and summarizing the perspectives of diverse stakeholders.

Immediately after taking over as Chair of the APWF Governing Council, he demonstrated his leadership at the 4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit (APWS) by supporting APWF President Yoshiro Mori, who chaired the 4th APWS. He also served as moderator of the Heads of Government Meeting (HSG) and the high-level statement sessions of the 4th APWS. He also presented the recommendations and pathways for improving water governance in Asia and the Pacific. He also generously gave his time and feedback to young water leaders in Asia and the Pacific.

Mark is a friendly and genial person, someone with integrity, persistence, open-mindedness, flexibility, adaptability, and resilience. He was always willing to respond to our every request and gave us feedback.

His influence and contribution have fallen on our shoulders to carry on in advancing water resilience, inclusiveness, and sustainability in our region, including his concern for the younger generation. Mark can be rest assured that we will carry on with his legacy.

It’s a tremendous loss for all of us at APWF and the broader global water community. We are honored to have had the opportunity to have known and worked with Mark.

We wish his family courage and peace during this difficult time.  

With our deepest sympathy

APWF Governing Council and APWF Secretariat, on behalf of all APWF

(Photo:Mr. Mark Pascoe in the 4th APWS)