The 2nd Joint Executive Committee (JEC) Meeting of the 4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit

Date: 2020-5-19

The 2nd JEC meeting of the 4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit (APWS) took place on 13 May, 2020 via web conference with the participation of 16 JEC members from Japan and overseas including two Vice-Chairs, Dr. Norihito Tambo, (former President of Hokkaido University and President of River Center of Hokkaido) and Mr. Kazufumi Onishi (Mayor of Kumamoto City). The agenda included ways of reflecting lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis on the outcomes document and the structure of the thematic sessions of the 4th APWS.
The JEC members gave the secretariat of the 4th APWS various constructive comments and suggestions to ensure the fruitful results and the smooth implementation of the 4th APWS that was unfortunately postponed due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Vice-chair Dr. Tambo made a proposal to the members to organize several additional JEC meetings by web conference or in face-to-face format prior to the 4th APWS. The secretariat will arrange the meetings after checking JEC members’ schedules and assessing the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 carefully.
Based on such valuable advice and feedback, the APWF and Kumamoto City will steadily and efficiently prepare for the Summit.

s_4apws_2ndjec_dr.tambo     s_4apws_2ndjec_mr.onishi
Dr. Tambo, Vice-Chair of the JEC         Mr. Onishi, Vice-Chair of the JEC

s4apws2ndjecWeb conference with the JEC members


●Handouts (PDF)
Document 1-a) Agenda
Document 1-b) Documents List
Document 2 Member list of the Joint Executive Committee for the 4th APWS
Document 3 Postponement of the 4th APWS and the way forward
Document 4 Preparation for the 4th APWS
Document 5 The Official Logo Mark

Summary of Proceedings, 2nd JEC of the 4th APWS

(Reported by Shigenori Asai, Director)