The 3rd APWS adapted “Yangon Declaration: The Pathway Forward”

Date: 2018-1-11

The APWF and the Republic of the Union of Myanmar co-hosted the Third Asia-Pacific Water Summit (“the 3rd APWS”) in Yangon, Myanmar, on 11-12 December 2017, with the aim to enhance water security in the region and bring up concrete actions and solutions for sustainable development by sharing knowledge and experiences as well as promoting cooperation and partnership.

20 heads of state and government and ministerial-level delegates from the 15 countries joined the 3rd APWS, and the total number of participants is more than 700 from 39 countries.

APWF Partner Organizations and the representatives of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar jointly organized the following 10 Parallel Thematic Sessions.

Reviving Hydrological Cycles: Rainwater Harvesting and Sustainable Groundwater Management

Governance for Sustainable Urban Water Supply

Improving Sanitation and Wastewater Management

Water and Disasters in the Context of Climate Change: From the Mountains to the Islands

Better Governance: Inclusive Approach through Good Practices on Water Governance and Integrated Water Resource Management

Water-Energy-Food- Ecosystems Nexus

The Roles of Women and Youth in water security and SDGs

Financing Implementation for Water-related Sustainable Development Goals

Working Together : Multi-Stakeholders Partnership for Regional Cooperation
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Source to Sea Opportunities in Asia and the Pacific

The Leaders of the Asia-Pacific region unanimously adopted the Yangon Declaration: The Pathway Forward.

With that, the APWF renewed its commitment to take a leading role as a coordinator and facilitator on the platform of water security solutions in the region in line with the Yangon Declaration.

As a next step, the APWF will lead the Asia-Pacific Regional Process of the 8th World Water Forum to be held in March 2018 in Brasilia, Brazil.

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