【UN 2023 Water Conference】Side Event: Promoting Private-Public Partnerships – a vehicle towards fulfilling SDG 6 and climate Actions

Date: 2023-3-19

NoWNET (Northern Water Network) will host the Side Event: Promoting Private-Public Partnerships – a vehicle towards fulfilling SDG 6 and climate Actions, an official side event of the UN 2023 Water Conference.

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Date and time: 24 March 2023 (Fri), 8:00 a.m. – 9:15 a.m. (75 mins)
Location: Side Event Room C at UN Headquarters

About event

The governments in Europe, Japan, and the Republic of Korea, are taking the lead among the first to address the challenges by collaborating with their private sectors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote adaptation and resilience measures from the impacts of climate change and disasters by mainstreaming the policies and measures through water cycle management from source to sea. To explore the necessary triple or even quadruple helix structures as a vehicle towards achieving SDG 6, and the global targets, this side event will discuss Private-Public Partnerships for climate change mitigation and NBS through sound water cycle management by sharing good practices, lessons, and commitment in Europe, Japan, and Korea.

Water Action Agenda from the partner organizations

The Secretariat of the Headquarters for Water Cycle Policy of the Cabinet Secretariat, Japan
Create and support an enabling environment for the private sector to plan and implement their measures for a sound water cycle through a public and private partnership  

Finland Government
State Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland(#SDGAction49510):

Finnish Water Forum
Finnish Water Stewardship Expert Network

French Water Partnership
The app Water4AllSDGs, a free assessment of contributions to the SDG targets of a project, policy or action in the field of Water.

Japan Water Forum
Initiate the platform and dialogue among multi-stakeholder of Japan’s river basins to promote safety and minimum entropy.

Korea Water Forum
Showcase the best practices of water management in Korea to enhance interregional and cross-border cooperation for a sustainable water future.

Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)
・Offer World Water Week 2023
・Support countries to develop resilient services in the countries where we work, by improving climate and water policies, developing capacity, and supporting their implementation. SIWI commits to support at least ten countries annually
・Continue developing and disseminating water governance knowledge and good practices, and foster learning across constituencies for increased acceleration.
・Support organizations and government partners to find contextual cross-sectoral solutions to water governance and management challenges stemming from climate change, pollution, scarcity, and competing demands on the environment and water.
・Champion the Source-to-Sea approach to address current and emerging water challenges in a holistic cross-sectoral manner accounting for activities and impacts on land, near shore, and in marine systems

World Water Council
Joint WWC-TNC-INBO commitment on an “Action Plan for the implementation of the ‘Water and Nature’ Declaration”:

NoWNET Partner Organizations