5th Governing Council Meeting of the Asia Pacific Water Forum

Date: 2009-7-9

Chaired by the Chair of the Governing Council of the APWF, Prof. Tommy Koh
in Singapore on June 26, 2009

» Highlights (PDF, 49KB)

Agenda for the 5th Governing Council Meeting of the Asia Pacific Water Forum

1. Chairmanship of the Meeting

10:00 – 13:00

2. Adoption of the agenda

3. Progress and update of concrete initiatives
They are expected to answer the following 3 questions in the 5 minutes presentation:
1) What is the objective of your concrete initiative?
2) What is one gap which your concrete initiative is intended to fill?
3) Who is your client?

Presentations: ADB & JICA / ICHARM / ICIMOD / SOPAC / FAO / PUB & UNESCO / UNESCAP (1) / UNESCAP (2) / JWF / GWP CACENA / UN Global Compact / Asia Society / SWITCH IPA

4. Collaboration with Global Water Partnership
Proposals to intensify collaboration with GWP in APWF’s regional and in-country initiatives: GWP SEA

5. APWF previous and future events
(a) Asia-Pacific Regional Session at the 5th World Water Forum, Istanbul, 20 March 2009: Secretariat
» Summary of Chair Concluding Statement

(b) Past and planned events of the Asian Water Development Outlook: ADB

(c) The Pacific Islands Leaders Roundtable Meeting on Water and Sanitation, Tokyo, 20 May 2009: Secretariat
» Chair’s Summary

(d) 7th Ministers’ Forum on Infrastructure Development in the Asia Pacific Region, Singapore, 22 June 2009: Secretariat

(e) Stockholm World Water Week, Stockholm, 16-22 August 2009
(i) Focus on Asia day on 18 August: ADB and Secretariat
(ii) IWRM Guideline Panel & Presentation on 16 & 17 August: UNESCO
Presentations: Eyes on Asia (1) / Eyes on Asia (2)

(f) International Year of Sanitation follow-up meeting, Tokyo, January 2010 (tbc): Secretariat

(g) Singapore International Water Week 2010, Singapore, June 2010, including Water Leaders Summit in collaboration with APWF’s Ministers for Water Security Initiative: PUB

(h) Other events

6. Recommendations by the APWF KnowledgeHubs Initiative
Proposals resulting from the annual meeting of the regional water knowledge hubs on 24 June 2009 will be presented for endorsement by the Governing Council.

Presentations: Recommendation (1) / Recommendation (2) / Annex I / Annex II

7. New initiatives

(Lunch Break)

14:00 – 17:00

8. Discussion on agenda 3. to 7.

9. Other matters

10. Closing of the session