7th Governing Council Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Water Forum

Date: 2010-7-29

Friday, 2 July 2010,
PUB WaterHub, Learning Oasis Room, Singapore

» Highlights (PDF, 43kB)

1. Chairmanship of the Meeting

The session shall be chaired by the Chair of the Governing Council of the
APWF, Prof. Tommy Koh.


2. Adoption of the agenda

The provisional agenda of the meeting will be considered for

3. Current status of the host country selection for the 2nd Asia-
Pacific Water Summit (2nd APWF)

4. Report from Vice-Chair of the APWF Governing Council

Mdm. Erna Witoelar will share information from the OIC Water Panel
Meeting in Dubai.

5. Annual Progress and update of concrete initiatives, including
previous events (within 10 minutes per initiative)

Annual progress and update of concrete initiatives shall be presented by
lead organizations and imlplementing organizations.

(a) Asian Water Development Outlook(AWDO): (ADB)

(b) “Ministers for Water Security” Initiative: (UNESCAP, ADB, NARBO & JWF)(PDF,322kb)

(c) Implementation of the International Year of Sanitation- 2008 and follow-up: (UNESCAP, JICA, WHO, UNICEF & ADB)(PDF,106kb)

(d) Developing Knowlegde and Lessons: Establishment of Network of Knowkedge Hubs: (PUB&UNESCO)(PDF,242kb)

(e) Water Financing and Capacity Development: (ADB & JICA)(PDF,2.1Mb)

(f) Re-inventing Irrigation and Agriculture Water Governance in the Asia-Pacific to Meet the Millennium Development Goals: (FAO(PDF, 58kb)&IWMI(PDF, 68kb))

(g) Increasing Local Capacities for Bridging the Divides in the Region: (UN-HABITAT & STREAMS)(PDF, 118kb)

(h) Regional water task force to support the strengthening of water resources management with emphasis on monitoring of investment and results in the water sector: (UNESCAP)(PDF, 109kb) (i) Sanimap (Water Web Projects on Google Map/ Earth): (JWF & Water Web Alliance)(PDF, 503kb)

(j) Central Asian IWRM Resource Center: (GWP CACENA, ICWC, CSD & EC IFAS)(PDF, .1.3Mb)

(k) SWITCH- Integrated Programme for Asia (SWITCH-IPA): UNESCAP Jakarta Office)(PDF, 23kb)

(l) Global Framework for Action (GF4A): (WHO)(PDF, 911kb)

(m) Water-related Disaster Management: (ICHARM)(PDF, 96kb)

(n) Climate Change, Glaciers, and Water Resouces in the Himalayan Region: (ICIMOD)(PDF, 43kb)

(o) Asia-Pacific Water Museum: (NSM of Thailand, UNESCO & JWF)(PDF, 67kb)

(p) Guidelines for IWRM at the River Basin Level (IRBM): (UNESCO)(PDF, 51kb)

6. APWF future activities to promote concrete initiatives (within 10 minutes per event) APWF future events will be presented by the APWF Secretariat members.

(a) Asia day at the Stockholm World Water Week, Stockholm, 5-11 September 2010: (ADB & Secretariat)(PDF, 16kb)

(b) 8th Ministers’ Forum on Infrastructure Development, Tokyo, 8-9 October 2010:(Japan)(PDF, 439kb)

(c) ADB and Partners Conference, Manila, 11-15 October 2010: ADB)

(d) Other activities, if any

(Lunch Break)

14:00 – 17:00
7. Discussion on agenda 3. to 6.

8. Other matters
Any topic of relevance to the APWF may be raised under this item.
Asian Parliamentarian Process(PDF, 1.4Mb)

9. Closing of the session